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Ye Rin Mok - 64 Photos by 64 Photographers on Booooooom.

woo! my photo on booooooom, thanks grant for posting!


Aya, 2012

Why did I reblog ? I discovered Yerin Mok thanks to Ryan Pfluger. He gave an interview to a webzine and was asked about photographers of his generation that he particularly appreciates and among a list Yerin appeared.
The logic I have when seeing a list of photographers is to visit their site if their name sounds well in my hear. I know it seems stupid to do so but it is the only way I have found to not feeling discouraged when the list is very long. And Yerin Mok sounded well in my hear, I mean it sounded even more better when I put it this way : Mok Yerin. By her name I felt she was korean and since I am crazy about South Korea, I decided to look for her photographs*.
Her aesthetic is very simple, she seems to be fond of nature and the simplest things that are surrounding her. She doesn’t try exaggerating things and people, she photographs them the way they are. Though her aesthetic relies on simplicity, Yerin pictures are not plain. They have something special because Yerin has a great eye, a great perspective, a great vision of the world.
I think what makes the difference between someone who only takes photos and a photographer is a very simple thing : the eye and Yerin definitely is a photographer.
What I’m seeing. Rough, everything is rough on this picture. From the wall to the ground, to the curtains and the plug that is hanging on the right side of the photo. And lastly this barefooted woman. She didn’t do anything to embellish herself, she is just here sitting against the wall, wearing a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and watching at the camera.
Rough, everything is rough. Even the carpets thrown on the floor are not here to make the room look better instead I feel like they were brought here only for a functional purpose.
Rough, everything is rough and yet so beautiful. Though the curtains are irregular and roughly sewn I love them because they make this picture even more noteworthy. Nowadays most of the portraits I am seeing are in the end made to make people look beautiful, it is all about appearance. When I look at this picture I don’t have this feeling, instead I feel that this place IS this woman. That is why I am considering this photo as a whole, eventhough she is the main subject I can’t dissociate her from this place.
I am pretty sure that Yerin found this place as interesting as this woman. I am also pretty sure that she didn’t ask her randomly to sit under those curtains and next to this plug. No Yerin doesn’t exaggerate while photographing but instead she really understands who she has in front of her camera and is able to make understand to her viewers who is her model. Yerin is not faking she is photographing what she feels is the true personality of her model.
Last thing, yes everything is rough in this picture but I can’t help but feeling some warmth coming from it because of the colours and the strong and obvious presence of wood. As if Yerin wanted to show us that behind this roughness, her model is actually someone very warm (and an artist ?).

ps * : I know my logic is the least logical but since my mind is working this way, what can I do about this irrationality of mine ?

woke up to a new year reading this, thank you!
Bouquet, 2012
Wedding flowers, 2012
Cake and Flower, 2012
Hands, 2012
Tree (an outtake from Julie Newmar/Wilder Quarterly Fall 2012 shoot)
Portrait of Julie Newmar (an outtake from Wilder Quarterly, Fall 2012)





Photographed the original Catwoman Julie Newmar in her garden for Wilder Quarterly’s Fall 2012 issue.